WordDive - AI-based language learning app and online service

WordDive is designed to solve the biggest issues that stop us from actually using a foreign language on a holiday trip, at work and in other practical situations. The most important of these issues are mastering roughly 2 000 frequently used words and a good command of basic grammar.

When you know these well enough to produce them automatically, it is possible to form thoughts in the new language. This will very quickly lead to the ability to speak the target language. WordDive users achieve fluent language skills with an average of 63 hours of exercising. This means you will learn a new language in just 3 months if you exercise 45 minutes five times a week. With WordDive, you will reach a sufficiently high level in all common topics and learn things you need on the road, at work and in other practical situations.

Download and start using

Download the WordDive app from App Store or Google Play. Downloading the app is free. If you don’t have any current course package subscription, you can try WordDive for free for seven days. There are 10 languages available: English, German, Spanish, Finnish, French, Swedish, Italian, Japanese, Estonian and Russian.

Comprehensive language courses for 9,99 € / month. English, Spanish, Swedish, Finnish, German, Italian, French, Russian, Estonian (mobile app and web) and Japanese (web-only).

More information

With WordDive, you will learn by reading, writing, listening and speaking. Artificial intelligence will optimise the exercises for every user individually so that the study items are transferred from working memory to long-term memory. This is what we call permanently learned level.

The learning material is divided into skill levels and courses of approximately 40-60 study items. All material is designed and produced by Finnish language teachers together with native professionals. In addition to vocabulary exercises, the newest courses contain sentence construction, grammar exercises and conversations.

Following the clear learning path is easy. You don’t have to worry about planning your studies – just proceed and enjoy! Intuitive exercises keep motivation high and help you to get in a productive flow state. The handy mobile app will be wherever you are, and the exercises are short enough to fit nicely into an adult language learner’s busy life.



WordDive is an artificial intelligence -based mobile app and online service for learning to speak a new language. The app has been designed and developed by dozens of language teachers, software developers and experts of user experience.

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