Sports and Well-being

Vocational Qualification in Sports (180 CP)

The scope of a vocational qualification in sports instruction is 180 competence points. The qualification is composed of vocational units (145 competence points) and common units (35 competence points). The vocational qualification in sports instruction has three specialisations, which all share the same qualification title:

  • competence area in service production in sports
  • competence area in guidance on health-enhancing physical activity
  • competence area in coaching and sports club activities

Learning outcome

A Sports Assistant

  • safely instructs sports with different clients
  • utilises different types of exercise, sports, and operating environments in sports instruction
  • provides sports assistance and acts as a professional in the sports sector in different interactive situations
  • prepares exercise plans promoting health and physical functional capacity for clients
  • organises sports or competitive events.

Target group: Sports assistant work as a sports instructor, exercise instructor, gym instructor, lifeguard, adapted sports instructor, promoter of occupational well-being, coach, afternoon club instructor, instructors, and producers of experience services as well as personal trainers. Typical working environments include municipal sports services, fitness centers, swimming pools, sports clubs and associations, physical education colleges, companies, and other organisations producing sports services. Sports assistants may also work in a self-employed capacity.


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