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Vocational Education and Training Teacher in Finland

Learn and experience how Finnish VET teachers work and about their pedagogy.


This course is a 1 week module taught in Finland and can be combined with other modules.

  • The position of the Finnish VET Teacher in the society
  • Finnish VET teachers’ pedagogical and professional competences
  • Profile desrciption of a VET teacher in Finland, sector case studies
  • Comparative analysis of the pedagogical and didactic approaches of Finland and home country
  • Peer learning with TAKK’s VET teachers, journey to the working community
  • Lifelong learning of VET teachers
  • Developing VET teachers’ competences at the workplace: the HR solutions
  • Finnish VET Teachers’ well-being at work

Learning Outcome

The participants have created an understanding of the entire working role and tasks of the Finnish VET teacher and are able to develop many lines of further developing the VET teachership in their home organisations.

Target Group

VET Managers and Teachers


Tampere Adult Education Centre TAKK

One of the top providers of vocational adult education services and competence for the labour market. TAKK’s strengths are competence-based education, individual student guidance, strong working life connections and customer-driven solutions.

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