visuon product

Visuon 360VR creation tool

Visuon provides a web based visual training tool using 360° Virtual Reality technology. Visual solutions and contents provide engaging and fun experiences for users. Gamified, interactive content will help increase a better understanding and retention rate of organization’s procedures and products. It is suitable for employees and customers who should be educated to new things. The visual way is the best way.

Target Group

Educators, trainers, content authors for example in industry and other areas where employee familiarization is needed. Persons who are using the tool are content creators for example from HR department or from actual workplaces.

Clients can buy license to have access to Visuon tool. Then they can start doing the 360VR content. Please, check the website for more information.



Visuon 360VR service will make it possible and easy to educators themselves to make immersive 360 photorealistic content for industrial education and employee training.

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