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Institution Self-Assessment Further Education Programme


This course is a 1 week module taught in Finland and can be combined with other modules.

  • Introduction to TAKK quality management work in VET institution
  • The EFQM Quality Management Model in use of VET quality management, case study TAKK
  • Introduction to the self-assessment process in a VET institution
  • Self-assessment workshops for a defined VET sector
  • Gap identification and preparation of the quality action plan for the sector
  • Workshop on measurements and results
  • The development of best practises at TAKK
  • Workshop on how to improve the organisational agility and creativity
  • European Indicators of Quality in Vocational Education and Training VET

Learning Outcome

The participants have learned how to self-assess the quality of their own chosen vocational sector and how to prepare a quality action plan to develop their organisation.

Target Group

VET Managers and Teachers


Tampere Adult Education Centre TAKK

One of the top providers of vocational adult education services and competence for the labour market. TAKK’s strengths are competence-based education, individual student guidance, strong working life connections and customer-driven solutions.

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