Sports and Well-being

Trainer and Coach

Upgrade your core skills as a sports and exercise professional, and learn about the holistic style of Nordic coaching with Varala Sports Institute.

Learning objective

The aim of the trainer and coach courses are to increase core skills and everyday training quality of trainers in various disciplines, as well as to boost cooperation between trainers.

Target group

The course is targeted to people working with or interested in children’s, young people’s and/or adults’ training who want and are motivated to develop their own trainership in a holistic way.

Learning outcome

Having completed the course you will be able to work as a trainer or as a coach and to develop your and your trainees’ or coachees’ skills and your working environment. A coach can operate in an athlete-centric way, support and monitor the athlete’s holistic development and make training situations safer.


The course consists of 5 modules. The modules can also be completed as individual training packages. Students demonstrate their competence in real-life work assignments in their own operating environments with their own trainees.


Varala Sports Institute

Varala is a leading sports education institute, a training centre and a versatile centre for sports, leisure and recreational activities.

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