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Intensive Programme on Finnish Vocational Education and Training System

Get to know the Finnish vocational education and training system during a 1 week training module in Finland.


This course is a 1 week module taught in Finland and can be combined with other modules.

  • Get-to-know the Basics of Finnish VET system
  • VET legislation, position and mission in the Finnish society
  • The causes and effects of the VET Reforms of Finland, past 40+ years
  • Get-to-know Tampere region VET and Tampere Adult Education Centre TAKK
  • Strategic and quality management of VET, case TAKK
  • Competence-based Education and Work-based Learning in Practice, Services of TAKK
  • TAKK sector and workplace case studies
  • Visits to TAKK’s partner workplaces
  • Comparative analysis of the participant home country VET and the Finnish VET system

Learning Outcome

The participants have formed a thorough undesrstanding of the Finnish VET system and are able to draw up conclusions, suggestions and areas of improvement for their home organisation.

Target Group

VET Managers and Teachers


Tampere Adult Education Centre TAKK

One of the top providers of vocational adult education services and competence for the labour market. TAKK’s strengths are competence-based education, individual student guidance, strong working life connections and customer-driven solutions.

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