Sports and Well-being

Further Vocational Qualification in Physical Education (150 CP)

The competence area of physical education is composed of a compulsory unit (30 competence points) and optional units (120 competence points).

Learning outcome

  • how to instruct individuals and customer groups in physical exercise using diverse methods
  • how to develop the operating environment of physical activity in compliance with the legislation in the sector
  • ethical principles and safety regulations
  • how to encourage people towards an athletic lifestyle
  • stressing the impact of exercise on physical performance, health and psychological and social wellbeing

Target group: kindergarten and primary school teachers, employees of sports clubs, gyms, swimming halls and other-working environment related to well-being in the public and private sectors


Varala Sports Institute

Varala is a leading sports education institute, a training centre and a versatile centre for sports, leisure and recreational activities.

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