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From Teacher to Team Coach

From passive to active teaching methods

From passive to active teaching methods

Coaching is a pedagogical philosophy lead by the idea of dialogue and learning by doing. TAMK’s Proakatemia ( has developed and run for over 20 years a highly successful entrepreneurship and business team-learning model, by using innovative coaching techniques. We offer 1 – 4 weeks programme for modern teachers to join the club of Coaches.

Team coaching methods have been implemented succesfully all around the globe through TAMK’s global network and partnerships. Join us today!

Program Content

Topic 1: From Teacher to a Team Coach

  • Coaching in practice
  • How teaching and coaching differ?
  • Opportunities of coaching
  • How to approach coaching in day to day work
  • Theories by Marcial Losada, Kouzes & Posner, Nonaka & Takeuchi

Topic 2: Tools of a coach

  • Tools and methods that inspire students
  • What is the significance of the team in coach point of view?
  • What team learning means and what are the benefits of team learning?
  • What kind of brainstorming techniques to apply in my job as a coach?
  • Theories by William Isaacs, Ian Cunningham Belbin

Topic 3: New Ways of Learning

  • Coaching instead of teaching
  • Reading instead of lectures
  • Feedback instead of grades
  • Active doing instead of passive listening

Topic 4: My Coaching Philosophy

  • Model of a coaching philosophy – What does it mean?
  • How to build your own coaching philosophy?
  • What to take with you to everyday work?
  • What changed in day to day work?
  • What did this journey offer?

Target Group

The programme is aimed for educational professionals that are ready to take the shift from passive teaching into active teaching methods.


Tampere University of Applied Sciences TAMK

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