Sports and Well-being

Educational Camps and Group Visits

The camp curriculum consists of practical training in sports, physical training, cultural knowledge, natural science, science and technology. The curriculum is planned to develop participants cognitive skills, emotional skills, physical skills and social skills through the following  aims:

  • To encourage positive attitude towards sports and physical tasks
  • To learn new physical skills
  • To find enjoyment in physical activities that encourages  to implement learned skills in the future
  • To acknowledge the importance of good physical  health as a basis of wellbeing
  • To learn about a foreign country and culture
  • To learn about flora and fauna in Finland
  • To acknowledge individual skill to strengthen positive  self confidence
  • To learn the basics of computer coding
  • To learn how to conduct scientific tests
  • To learn to process feelings in different situations
  • To develop communication skills and co-operation abilities

Varala Sports Institute

Varala is a leading sports education institute, a training centre and a versatile centre for sports, leisure and recreational activities.

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