Diploma In Nutrition, Lifestyle & Integrative Wellness Coaching (NEW LIFE COACH®)

This course leads the participants to experience the true essence and meaning of nutrition, functional & lifestyle medicine as well as applied yoga and meditation practices tailored for integrative wellness coach training. They are guided through a unique and holistic synthesis, harmonizing the teachings of new health and wellness research with ancient health and wellbeing knowledge applicable in a contemporary context. This experience is a true journey of discovery on your path to greater self-awareness and understanding of holistic human health and wellbeing, enabling for you to put the acquired knowledge and skills into practice in your daily life and professional settings.

The graduates are prepared to impact some of the toughest Health & Wellness challenges of our times.The focus will be on all aspects of teaching and living the principles of nutrition, lifestyle and integrative wellness coaching within a contemporary culture. It is an exclusive opportunity to grow, connect, and contribute to your overall growth as a wellness professional and integrative health coach.

The programme combines a perfect balance of theoretical and applied knowledge of nutrition, lifestyle and wellness with the professional coaching and communication skills required to become a nutrition and lifestyle coach. The participants are prepared for inspiring their clients towards a long term healthier diet and lifestyle using scientific knowledge and practical skills to help them achieve their health and well being goals.

Nutrition, Lifestyle & Integrative Wellness coaching can ameliorate the health and wellbeing of individuals in many ways. Conventional medical care worldwide is facing pressing challenges not only in the patient doctor/nurse ratio but also in finding the best possible individualized treatment plans.

In these circumstances, Nutrition, Lifestyle and Integrative Wellness Coaching as a new approach can offer a viable alternative/proactive health care by incorporating a functional and life style medicine approach, integrative healthcare, nutraceutical and naturopathic methods. As a modern approach with age old roots and proven results it offers a sustainable solution and cost effectiveness in the long run.

The programme prepares the graduates with the skills required for the design and practice of wellness coaching in a range of settings from large groups in a studio or health club to private classes, including yoga and meditation therapy. The focus is on the ability to apply and understand these skills, especially for the selection of appropriate practices for different class levels, from novice to the more experienced.

Program Content

  • Module-1: Human Anatomy & Physiology
  • Module-2: The Role of Food Groups – Macro, Micro & Phytonutrients for Human Health & Well being
  • Module-3: Perspectives for Alternative Healthcare & Wellbeing
  • Module-4: Nutrition & Lifestyle Approaches for Integrative Healthcare
  • Module-5: Functional & Lifestyle Medicine Approaches in Wellness Coaching
  • Module-6: Lifestyle Assessment & Wellness Coaching
  • Module-7: Applied Yoga & Meditation Practices for Lifestyle & Wellness Coaches
  • Module-8: Principles & Ethics for Wellness Professionals
  • Module-9: Leading the Movements for Sustainable Living
  • Module-10: Development Project – Planning & Implementing Wellness Coaching Business
  • Note: We also offer customised packages from this Diploma Programme, i. e. the customers can choose specific module(s) instead of the whole Diploma Programme.
  • Availability in Finnish: This programme can also be offered in the Finnish language for a cohort of minimum 15 students.

Target Group

Upper Secondary School Graduates and professionals having work experience in the fields of Healthcare, Social Work, Education, Life Coaching etc.


Nordic Quest College

Nordic Quest College offers two high quality Diploma Programmes in: Twenty First Century Leadership in Education & Pedagogy – LEAP 21ST® (Training of Trainers) & Nutrition Lifestyle & Wellness Coaching (NEW LIFE COACH®) along with On Demand Customised Courses from these diploma programmes. We also arrange customised Educational Tour Packages & Camp School Programmes in Finland and provide educational consultancy services based on Finnish Pedagogical, Leadership & Management expertise worldwide.

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