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Care and rehabilitation for elderly people, VET


Compulsory units:

  • Promoting growth and participation
  • Promoting wellbeing and functional capacity
  • Working in home care
  • Promoting the participation of older people

Optional units:

  • Wellbeing technology in promoting functional capacity
  • Podiatric care for different client groups
  • Supporting living at home and life management
  • Mental health and substance abuse welfare work
  • Working in terminal care

Learning Outcomes

  • Creates competence to work in home care in a manner that enhances the client’s functional capacity and promotes the social inclusion of the elderly.
  • Students work in authentic situations with clients and patients during their training.
  • Teachers guide the students during the work-based learning. The students demonstrate their skills at the end of the work-based learning period.

Target Groups

Educational and adminstrative organisations interested in understanding vocational education frameworks.


Tampere Vocational College Tredu

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