Advanced Team Coaching


The online course is based on six consequent cycles of two weeks, which run according to a simultaneous process. The idea behind the approach is to empower you to take charge of your own process or professional development and learning in a safe online community, together with your colleagues.

Each of the consequent two-week cycles is focused on a specific theme that facilitates building important capabilities for a team coach:

  1. Building trust, responsibility and ownership within teams
  2. Facilitating autonomous teams
  3. Coaching innovation processes
  4. Current theories of team learning
  5. Direct feedback, dialogue and culture of learning
  6. Team coaches’s professional development

The online studies are conducted in two week cycles that consist of:

  1. Self-study with and introductory video and reading materials and anchor questions
  2. Planning an experiment or reflecting on a past experiment
  3. Online coaching dialogue
  4. Face-to-face dialogue training session with colleagues, sharing insights based on study materials and own experiences and engaging in dialogue on planned experiments or reflections
  5. Running the experiment of sharing reflections
  6. Retrospect meeting on the experiment and the cycle

Learning Outcome

The aim of this program is to deepen knowledge on team coaching, empower participants and let them take control of their own professional development and learning in a safe online community.

Target Group

Educational professionals


Tampere University of Applied Sciences TAMK

Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) is an internationally-oriented multi-disciplinary university offering higher education in nine fields of study and over 40 degree programs.

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