4-week Homeschooling Material

Continue learning at home with an online 4-week homeschooling material for grades 1-2, 3-4 and 5-6 designed by Finnish teachers.

We at Polar Partners Ltd. deliver Finnish education worldwide. In these unusual circumstances caused by the Covid-19, we want to help families at home struggling with their children’s education when the schools are closed. We have created this week-by-week online homeschooling material with Finnish pedagogical experts and will help parents to continue their children’s education in a structured manner. Finnish teachers have designed the material to include some essential topics of each grade from an international perspective and with a touch of the 21st century skills.

This 4-week homeschooling material contains:

  • Instructions for parents and learners
  • Weekly timetable
  • Subjects: Writing, Reading, Math, Natural Sciences, Art, Sports, My Skills, Social Sciences (only 5-6 grades) and Self-Assessment
  • 4 x weekly learning materials and exercises from each subject matching the timetable
  • Other supportive materials, booklets and instructional videos
  • You can choose the homeschooling materials from 3 different age groups:
    • Grades 1-2
    • Grades 3-4
    • Grades 5-6

The materials can be used with any device (computer, tablet, mobile) and it can also be printed. Your child would just need a pen and paper for making the exercises. Please look at the  Frequently Asked Questions (PDF) if you have any questions about the homeschooling material.


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