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Nordic Quest College

Nordic Quest College offers two high quality Diploma Programmes in: Twenty First Century Leadership in Education & Pedagogy – LEAP 21ST® (Training of Trainers) & Nutrition Lifestyle & Wellness Coaching (NEW LIFE COACH®) along with On Demand Customised Courses from these diploma programmes. We also arrange customised Educational Tour Packages & Camp School Programmes in Finland and provide educational consultancy services based on Finnish Pedagogical, Leadership & Management expertise worldwide.

The core training faculty at Nordic Quest College is formed with a group of seasoned educators, well experienced teacher trainers and educational leadership & management professionals, who exhibit a combination of theory, practice and international exposure.

Our programmes are designed and implemented in an official collaboration with The University of Helsinki Teacher Training Schools, Firstbeat Technologies, Opintiet Education and PINO Network among others in Finland; as well as Crossfields Institute, in The United Kingdom. Our 21st Century Pedagogical Leadership Diploma is a ‘Certified Pedagogical Quality’ programme by Education Alliance Finland. Both our Diploma Programmes are approved also as Quality Mark Programmes by Crossfields Institute, the United Kingdom.