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About us

Education Tampere is a community of education and technology solution providers from Tampere, Finland. Our mission is to make Finnish expertise global together with our partners.

Education Tampere

Education Tampere is an ecosystem program run by Business Tampere, the regional economic development agency of the Tampere region. Education Tampere brings together the best education services of Finland, ranging from technology to full degree programs in a wide variety of fields. We cover all levels of education from early childhood education and care to university degrees.

Our aim is to create sustainable global partnerships, and together co-create 21st century learning opportunities based on Finnish innovation, research and pedagogical expertise. Our partner network is committed to delivering high quality services and awesome experiences.

Tampere is the second largest city region in Finland. It is the home of world renown innovations and technologies such as the world’s first smart phone. It is the industrial heart of Finland, pushing for growth and innovations for the future.

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